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Can you take pictures of my family/child/event/pets?

I would love to. Prices vary depending on what you desire, so please let me know what you are looking for. I have provided flat-fee with a set series of prints, sitting fees/editing with a la carte prints, digital only, and packages in between. My charges are reasonable within the MO market. Contact me, and let's figure out what works for you.

Are your prints for sale?

Absolutely. Prices vary by print and size, so, please email me through the CONTACT button.

Can I get bigger or smaller sizes?

Yes!  Contact me to discuss sizes and prices.

Why don't you offer paper prints in larger sizes? Why are they only offered with Styrene backing?

The short answer is because they will last longer. Over time, pictures printed on paper, even those framed, will slowly slump. In humid environments, they will soak up the water and wilt; even the weight of the print itself can cause the paper to buckle.

Do you offer other products?

Certainly. If you want magnets, cards, bags and other items, please contact me.

How long should my pictures last?

That will always depend significantly on how the picture is treated. All images are printed on archival paper, and should not show signs of fading for up to 50 years.

Do you offer signed prints?

Yes! if you want your print signed, please email me. There will be a slight increase in price to accommodate for the second shipping (once, to me for signing, and then on to you).

Can you put my favorite quote on a print?

That depends on the quote. Email me to see if there are copyright or length issues.

What else should I know?

For every single sale, I donate a portion of the profits to non-profit organizations that help kids and adults stay safe. If you know of an organization that is doing good work in your community, tell me about them!  I am willing to discuss donations for silent auctions, special promotions to support individual organizations, or other ways I can help raise money for 501(c)3s.

I want you to be happy with your image. If you are dissatisfied with your selections, please contact me and I will refund or replace the pictures.

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